Anti-bacterial floor a bit

Anti-bacterial floor a bit

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As long as there is a floor where there is an antibacterial effect, so without the presence of any dead. Antibacterial floor although there are so many advantages, but some of its antibacterial effects and side effects on the human body questioned. One is to buy flooring suppliers surname citizen, he told reporters that the antimicrobial is a concept can not be accurately detected, so the floor in the end how the antibacterial effect, only the manufacturers know, the average consumer is difficult to know the truth. Another citizen suggested that since the anti-bacterial floor silver ions can penetrate bacterial cells, so as to achieve the effect of killing bacteria, then it will also penetrate the body's cells, damage the body's normal cells, thus affecting the body physical health? This problem, all antibacterial flooring manufacturers are no positive and clear answer. How to identify antibacterial floor? Since the anti-bacterial floor antibacterial function is an invisible, intangible things, the concept of playing a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers to produce their own floor general also topped the name of the antibacterial. So how do you identify the general floor with antibacterial floor, buy real antibacterial floor it? Insiders suggested that consumers in the purchase of anti-bacterial floor to note the following two aspects: - First, to see whether access to the national invention patents. There is no national invention patents and the patent number is essential to identifying the real anti-bacterial floor. When consumers buy be sure to ask the store to produce antibacterial and antimicrobial product patent finds signs the certificate to make sure to buy genuine products. �� The second is to see there is no national identification mark antibacterial. This is the identification of antibacterial floor second key point, antibacterial products really have antibacterial function, first to see if it is recognized by the National CIAA, which is anti-bacterial products to enter the market permits. In addition, whether formal or professional sales store sales, its publicity and advertising is honest difference whether one product is a regular factor.
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