Stream of pain blade and soul gold

Stream of pain blade and soul gold

Postautor: Buynba2kmt » 31 sie 2016, o 10:15

Now you with the destruction or, with the pain, it is all about, the original is because inflammation gun flow away there is a gossip furnace fireball secondary outbreaks, now because of the bracelet, gossip furnace basically been eliminated, so the inflammation gun players with a stream of pain and destruction in the long output is now basically flat, but outbreaks or destruction of some dominant.

Ice regard, two secret power cards can be used, but the two are not Zeyang, in conjunction with a magic cards can not out with them, I personally feel that ice can do to break that Ssangyong reset, then the secret power and other new cards, or simply do not do it.

Currently gossip aspect ice or do not want to use the turtle.
Other things temporarily not particularly want to say, need to be reminded of it is that the future trend is to use ice to play on the break Ssangyong limit output, so the future bracelet and the like can also be considered to do something, rather than on the Z2222
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