Changes in flooring industry

Changes in flooring industry

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Why the big brand took advantage? First, the flooring brand strength of enterprises, can effectively resist the impact of the property market; secondly, reliable quality flooring brands, developers can work with a number of strength, hardcover room into the field; then who brand flooring products after-sale protection, the more extraordinary times, consumers tend to choose a guaranteed product.

Thus, much of the property market regulation impact on downstream industries much, might as well say, with four market regulation, the entire building materials industry has undergone change what kind of leather? On flooring industry, some flooring companies and real estate agency cooperation, into hardcover room areas (such as Power Dekor, Shun, North American style and Vanke [Us News] strategic partnership); some flooring companies began to diversify, to enter the doors and other related industries (such as the nature Windsor launched sub-brand wooden doors). Faced with changes in the environment, many brands have set foot on the floor exploration business development.

I believe that in the future for a long period of time, the property market will be in regulation, changes in industry will also exacerbate the floor, the floor a number of small and medium enterprises will be forced out of the market, to meet consumer demand for new flooring products will be available , brand development path will become the first choice flooring business.

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