Ecological wood range of applications

Ecological wood range of applications

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Eco-wood recently emerging as a green wood, but we understand it, but its application range is about? Many people do not know, then, we briefly introduced.
1. Eco-wood to make home improvement more nearly perfect; also be used for external walls of engineering, business hotel, high-end entertainment decoration cinemas, theaters, dance halls, home theater room, piano room, hotels, restaurants, hotels and airport terminals. , office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals and other public places and home decoration.
2. mainly applied to a variety of outdoor siding train crew. Exterior decoration products for the hollow multi-lumen structure, which can effectively achieve the role of insulation and sound insulation, and its excellent resistance to fade, weathering and aging resistance enables the product to use for more than 20 years, in line with energy saving building exterior standards.
3. The exterior decoration products can be used for indoor TV backdrop, bedside background wall, using a variety of shapes of the dado, blinds, bathroom walls and floors, decorative balcony, and ceiling decorations, columns and other packages.
4. grille for ceiling, wall and outdoor flooring income side of the income side, the income side of the ceiling, wall decoration, and processed into a window shade; simple installation method, the natural wood grain, as well as the environmental health of zero formaldehyde release , fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion moth, suitable for lobbies, airports, subway stations, shopping malls and other public places decoration.
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