Chinese flooring industry is facing a crossroads

Chinese flooring industry is facing a crossroads

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At present, China has become the world's largest producer of flooring, but the highest growth rate in the market parquet market, more than 40 companies in the top surface are mostly regional companies, thin vinyl to cover deck floor less investment, weak in strength. Low long-term competition in the market floor caught in the quagmire, leading to low-cost short-shelf-life business is not, the entire floor general lack of market brand, quality construction and planning. Robin Wood Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Li Guang Tao believes that "China's flooring industry has reached a crossroads, do strong our flooring industry, we must take the road of quality and brand-building." In his view, should promote and encourage adaptation to develop consumer trends parquet and take coordinated development path of resource conservation. Some analysts also believe that the healthy development of Chinese flooring industry would like to really need a number of quality and competitive strength of the brand as a leading company. In accordance with the division of the floor, solid wood flooring drawn pure natural wood, environmental protection, comfortable, suitable for positioning in the high-end market, but the cost of the larger, more expensive. Parquet natural wood and artificial composition of fast-growing timber, environmental protection, comfortable, located in the high-end and mid-market, but the cost is low relative to solid wood flooring, affordable, due to the high cost, its main competitor for the solid wood flooring. The laminate flooring artificial fast growing forest, usa vinyl decking manufacturers located in the low-end market. In 2004, China's flooring market continues to maintain an encouraging development trend, the total output of nearly 250 million square meters. Due to the rapid growth of parquet, it attracted a large number of enterprises to enter. To date, however, parquet market slightly molded brand has more than 40, but less common for investors, the strength of the weak regional brands. wood composite rail fence sale July 28, 2005, Hong Kong Robin Wood Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Wing Lai company jointly invested 260 million yuan construction of Robin Wood Limited production of parquet officially listed. The project is one of the parquet largest investment project in China. The floor is a large investment in building decoration items, with the real estate industry and construction decoration industry booming market demand is quite strong natural flooring. From the statistical data, China has become the world's largest consumer of laminate flooring. However, because of this, the industry has yet to get rid of the extensive development of the state, Robin and other international technical, enter the branded companies, timber floating floor prices can be expected, will lead the industry began to face a new round of reshuffle. As parquet leader, Robin will drive parquet flooring manufacturers overall increase, causing laminate flooring, wood floors, all areas of brand integration occurs phenomenon parquet, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring strong brand will accelerate into wood composite market, competition will be more fierce. The industry believes that the arrival of Robin inevitably lead Dekor, Kyrgyzstan as laminate flooring and other more well-known brands to accelerate into the ranks of the parquet, the fierce competition in the wood flooring market.
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