How to treat and solve the color problem of solid wood floor

How to treat and solve the color problem of solid wood floor

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Solid wood flooring can not and need something like laminate flooring and multi-layer floor that can achieve the complete reunification of texture, color by artificial, industrialized way, because the natural color and texture is the most important characteristic of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring choice, love is its natural beauty

These or rough or delicate texture, as well as knots, abnormal growth, etc. is not a defect, but the authenticity of wood, natural resistance, the precious manifestation of the world is not the same as the two leaves, each piece of wood are also unique , can not be copied. Color can be seen as a sign of solid wood flooring, no color, looks very consistent "solid wood floor," actually may not be true of solid wood flooring, but printing or veneer.

For color, and foreign consumers have different aesthetics but are converging. Foreigners particularly like the natural color, they believe that natural beauty is beautiful, no color but not the United States. For export products, they even have special requirements that must be in a certain color.

Taking into account the color consumers have concerns about the inherent spending habits, days of the grid to heat the floor in the selection, color and other production process, has made a very detailed classification process to avoid the presence of chromatic aberration, and achieve harmony . Moreover, when the pavement, if you have a special request for the floor color, engineers will install the selection, test shop. For example, some of the more obvious color concentrate into the floor under the bed, under the sofa can not see the place, try to shop after the completion of the overall results were satisfactory, and then start the formal installation.

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