Sales floor black strokes "cut people" do not blink

Sales floor black strokes "cut people" do not blink

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Into September, the traditional gold decoration of the season along with the advent of home improvement building materials market began full force. It is understood that the recent weekends, there are many people active in the size of the building materials market, began to buy building materials, furniture, home decoration ready. However, the continued intense competition for the building materials market, there are industry experts remind the general public, in the purchase of building materials, home improvement, be sure to shop around, be careful to avoid being cheated of some bad building materials businesses. To this end, industry experts also pointed out several pitfalls for the general public is bad business to deceive consumers and set up, so as not to be deceived. Trap: precious wood species may have a false market in the wood floor, solid wood flooring has been elegant and comfortable foot feeling has a large number of loyal consumer base, however, partially blinded businesses often shoddy and earn high profit. It is reported that the price depends on the level of its solid wood flooring material, high-grade materials are Balsamo (commonly known as red sandalwood), teak, wood ants (commonly known as red sandalwood), etc., in the low end of the wire has a child (commonly known as red sandalwood), King Car pear, Kompass (commonly known as Sweet Basil) and the like. Teak flooring materials mainly from Burma, New Guinea and Indonesia, which produced in Myanmar for the top grade. Rosewood flooring material is authentic mahogany, rosewood species, including bird-foot red sandalwood aroma, rosewood flooring in Need. Red sandalwood main origin in South America, the "King of wood," said the market price per square meter more than 300 yuan. Line tutor way to earn more profits, there are many businesses with some hardwood floors posing red sandalwood, teak, rosewood and other high floor. Some businesses will be to texture, color and its flavor close to but no gold car pear posing, but the market price is less than the former 100 yuan. Red sandalwood production in Brazil for the top grade, and some businesses will be in Indonesia, Brazil posing red sandalwood red sandalwood. Some with wooden pod beans posing gold car pear, pear or Kempas posing gold pear and so on. In this regard, experts advise forest products quality inspection stations, purchase high-grade solid wood flooring must be careful species are false, choose Nature, Flower, rich, Qiqiao other famous brands, the relative quality is guaranteed.
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