Flooring Related Troubleshooting clean sweep

Flooring Related Troubleshooting clean sweep

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Banzhan tea drunk Red: Why I'm a real family shop floor will step up the occasional cry sound? Stepped on second three times, there is no, which is why? Green-Wood: for many reasons, there may be a period of time not to step on, wood plastic garden fence 2 feet high prices swell when again stepped on when I stand the sound of friction will occur. To check this field to determine the specific cause. rickyxu: flooring always looks like dusty, is not it also a point of wax? Green-Wood: solid wood flooring, and if matt paint itself does not look bright, it is a style of painting, waxing is not bright. If the original is the highlight of the paint, now it looks dusty, then you want to check whether the paint problem. Generally speaking, the floor paint does not need waxing. Laminate flooring, it is the melamine resin surface layer does not need waxing. Blue gold: My laminate flooring laid after a period of time to find some larger regional span arch up, to walk on as if walking on sponge above, creaking, called JS, JS said to me through the window breathable, the situation did not get the results after a week to improve, how to deal with, you must rework it? Green-Wood: I suppose you are using laminate flooring, wet up the shrinkage rate is relatively large, so the installation specification every 8m to set aside enough reserve seam. sustainable building decking projects You do not know the floor is not enough reserve left seam, if not stay, could the problem lies here, parquet will not happen, you allow businesses to look at the scene to determine the cause, for processing. Blue gold: the floor with a wet mop can do? At first, I did not buy JS recommended oils wife Di, now on the market point of view, due to the good little flooring products, buy wood special trip? Green-Wood: with a wet mop is too traditional, too old method of cleaning the floor, whether you are using solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring, regular cleaning with a wet mop for a long time, wholesale decking material will certainly affect floor. A cleaning method for dry cleaning introduce you to the floor, with one called dry cleaning detergent spray in each row drag on for about 50 milligrams, with direct discharge drag clean the floor, you can put inside the room clean dust. Blue gold: the original laying of the time removable wood plastic composite bench in cheap price to listen to JS bought a bubble like the same thing, called foreshadowing treasure, this kind of thing mat below you? I'm afraid if one day the Holy floor seepage, then the following should not moldy stuff, ah, to worry about. Green-Wood: foreshadowing treasure itself is not moldy.
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