Solid wood flooring Why have Color difference?

Solid wood flooring Why have Color difference?

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Wood floors are made from natural wood processing, the combined effects of early wood and late wood wood, sapwood and core material to form a wood natural texture and color changes.

Earlywood refers temperate and boreal species, normally produced early season (spring and summer) growing part of the soft texture; light in color. Latewood refers temperate and boreal species, usually producing late season (autumn and winter) growth part, hard solid, darker color.

For the production of precious species is slow, slower growth timber, the longer the growth years, the greater the difference in the color of wood sapwood and core material.

Say good solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring do no weaknesses?
Solid wood flooring is natural, there will be some "defects" exist.

First of all, because wood is a natural thing, so each floor there are differences in color and pattern certainly, this is the "color." Different aesthetic had a different understanding, some people think it is a disadvantage, but some people think that this is the natural properties of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring is not called no color, and this is a natural beauty, flash in the pan.

Second, with respect to the composite flooring, solid wood flooring ordinary poor stability of some of the more easily deformed. However, the third-generation locking pure solid wood to heat the floor has been completely solved the problem.

Third, if we say that flaw, that is, from one-time investment point of view, more expensive solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and are resource products will be more expensive. However, it also depends on how afterwards. From life, the longer life expectancy of solid wood flooring, composite flooring and are disposable products, can not be reused, doing wood flooring actually cheaper, and can increase their value.

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