Solid wood floor price is almost

Solid wood floor price is almost

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If the water from the sink in the floor inside get out, <a href="">synthetic siding clapboards for villa community</a> wood soaked in water inside the air mildew exposure is possible, but it has nothing to do with the treasure bedding. rickyxu: If you want to own re-laying flooring, you need to pay attention to what issues? Green-Wood: flooring classification 2, a class of laminate flooring, thickness 8mm, so if you want to holes and laminate flooring in the original floor, it can be laid directly, need to consider is, heightening floor 8mm thickness later, it will affect the use of the door. If the impact of the use of the door, then the pavement floor when the door is necessary to cut off 8mm. The other is parquet, its minimum thickness, typically 12mm, the problem of the door with the same laminate flooring, wood flooring than the additional advantage of strengthening the wooden floor is parquet from one room to another room flooring inter continuously, without having to add buckle, and laminate flooring must be added buckle. seraluvrain: I heard that wood flooring is not low cost, <a href="">wpc flooring store south africa</a> but why the price is close to the skin so thin wood flooring Please analyze the reasons? Green-Wood: Solid wood flooring consists of two parts, one table plate, the more valuable species, the greater the price difference, such as the real teak Burma wa city, more normal price of 400 yuan square, good flooring is more expensive, but also a city wa teak parquet surface, the price is much cheaper rickyxu: how to buy flooring it? Green-Wood: Solid wood flooring: a look at the surface, whether the alleged species worthy of the name, there is no posing, depending on whether the surface paint wear, and look at the uppermost surface of the substrate and whether cross-stick, whether reversible surface, if there is transverse corrugations; second look at the base, <a href="">types of fencing composite for homes</a> there is what kind of material to Huangliu An top grade, followed by hardwood, aspen again, the entire board to see the base is composed of broken plate or spell, the whole good board; Third, look at the size, there is no height difference, bananas curved, with eight floors spell touched her hand to know; four to see the test report, the most important look formaldehyde content test reports; five visits and services; 6 to see the commitment, you can also make yourself a simple test, take a piece of wood flooring, in which water boiled and, if less than 10 minutes, the floor surface cracking, substrate cracking, <a href="">wooden slat diy furniture projects</a> it is not a good floor. Appears in the 20-minute time such a case, you can use a good floor in four hours does not appear above. This floor even if the water is no problem. Laminate flooring: Laminate flooring is a look at three words: surface, joints, plates, wear-resistant surface is, if after two flat panel mosaic is composed of 180 degrees, the substrate is environmentally friendly. dorahou: A few days before the typhoon, under a heavy rain, standing water on our house flooring, I ask what consequences there will be a dry yet? Green-Wood: This depends on you what kind of laminate flooring, laminate flooring, it may have some influence. If it is solid wood flooring, as long as the water does not seep into the floor below, just on the surface, generally speaking there is no problem.
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