What is advantages of solid wood flooring?

What is advantages of solid wood flooring?

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Benefits compared to laminate flooring, solid wood flooring is too much. Summarized down, there is a number of aspects.
First of all, compared to other categories of flooring, engineered wood flooring because it is authentic, has not been incorporated into any harmful chemical substances, so is the healthiest most environmentally friendly flooring;
Second, because of the use of solid wood flooring is wood, there are a lot of pipes and pores between its wood fiber, a large area of pavement to the house, the home of the temperature and humidity have a regulatory role, solid wood flooring will "breathe" floor, it is "live";
Third, the natural wood is flexible, all pure solid wood flooring foot feeling will be more comfortable;
Fourth, the unique aroma of wood tincture substance regulate nerve, sedative, hypnotic effect on people's health, health is very useful;
Fifth, on behalf of the noble wood, especially wood resources are increasingly scarce today, laying solid wood floor is a status symbol.
the article come from : Wood Plastic Composite Products Manufacturer
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