Green Wood plastic Flooring

Green Wood plastic Flooring

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But can not represent the complete set of furniture and flooring emission of harmful substances into the film is acceptable. freestanding ground level deck plans In addition, now with a large number of improper use of decoration materials, coatings and adhesives also produce volatile chemicals polluting gases, also contributed to the "green" building materials, environmental protection is not the main reason. Recently, the state authorities issued a notice to require from 1 October 2005 all furniture sold in the market must be equipped with manual, must have control indicators materials, paint actually contain toxic or radioactive substances give instructions indicated the exact content of harmful substances. I believe that after the introduction of this standard to provide projections on the interior after the release of harmful substances in the reference standard. Wood Panels - "Shao Shao Yi Shan" asked should I use with the flooring and furniture, the Song Guangsheng, director stressed that the safest and most direct way is to reduce the potential use of contaminated materials to minimize pollution. Be sure to go through calculations, cheap outdoor fence hong kong the quality of different brands of furniture in the floor before the renovation, emission of harmful gases through detection calculation, we can come up with a reasonable configuration scheme. Decoration materials - have a choice on this issue, also interviewed Indoor Environment Test and Evaluation Center. artificial wood fence As a professional testing organizations, they said: "If the wood floor and wooden furniture in combination, often appear excessive, if you use a lot of wood flooring, furniture, then it is best not to use the composite sheet; try to use glass instead of metal or wooden materials; fabric sofa will release a small amount of harmful gases, try to replace with a leather sofa. If you use a lot of wooden furniture, then it is best not to use ground wood floor. "in short Suggested decoration follow the" Jian Zhuangxiu fine decoration "principle. Test counseling - Secretary-existing hotline Beijing Building Decoration Association Environmental Committee Zhang Jia wire in an interview with reporters also believes that the current method of detecting the presence of defects, and that they are developing a new, more rational large-scale testing equipment. Detect objects such large-scale testing equipment mainly for indoor air instead of plates. If you plan to decoration, decoration company can contract with, limit the content of harmful substances in the air, best balcony material south africa once the standard can apply for compensation. If you need to consult a home renovation materials used or the amount of data reference, Committee on the Environment can provide more accurate dosage according to the specific circumstances and provide professional testing. There are three measures to solve the road has been renovated, indoor air testing found excessive minority consumers, we can not throw the furniture, flooring pry bar, this case is necessary to use "ventilation, adsorption, closed" three kinds the method to purify the air.
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