China wood flooring business

China wood flooring business

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The alleged patent lock 17 Chinese companies have participated in the trade fair in Las Vegas, wooden floors. solid synthetic fencing "Li Wei bluntly, did not participate in the macro-resistant flooring trade fair in Las Vegas, so the macro-resistant nor suffered" 337 investigation "column of 17 Chinese wood floor enterprises. However, due to" 337 "," is an industry problem is a matter of Chinese wood flooring industry event "and therefore also participated in responding to the macro-resistant Chinese forestry Association, a staff member told reporters the phone confirmed the fact and stressed that:." 'Section 337' of the ITC unilateral action, with Krono does not matter. "That means, '' Section 337 'may be Krono Wood (China) behind the provocations," remarks just a lie, wood plastic patio pergola price and thus also Krono unjustly. "In fact, like other such patent lock action barriers or barriers are for Chinese enterprises from the wood floor. Given the establishment of patent lock, wood flooring business real world almost all of infringement, but now allegedly infringing mainly Chinese companies, the intention is clear - China is the largest producer of wood flooring, so be suppressed. "An unnamed flooring experts said at a meeting as early as the end of May this year, the president of the Forest Products Association, Zhang forest had a similar statement:." China is a veritable wood flooring producing country, wholesale recycled green decking materials exporting more and more and it attracted more and more attention. China flooring business in North America was afraid to hear, so for us to implement anti-dumping. We manufacture, competitiveness is very strong, not only in Canada and the implementation of anti-dumping, Israel on our anti-dumping. "This also further table Ming Kenuo Wood with the" 337 "no association. Participation" Liu Fan, general manager of 337 investigation "of another enterprise magic Oude also briefed reporters, the lock is fully patent disputes floor lock foreign patent holders a unilateral act, "because any company's development and growth requires a stable market environment. From their own development considerations, Germany Krono Wood Group will not do such a dog in the manger, wood effect plastic fence in uk but as far as I understand, Peng Hongbin is a great emphasis on maintaining industry stable, united people. "It is worth mentioning that the Chinese enterprises are not present lock patent infringement not yet concluded." As a traditional lock technology floor, has been used in many fields, back in the 1970s and 1980s have been locking technology exist, and wooden flooring invention is applied only ten years. So in this sense, there is no lock technology patent issues. "Li Wei, president of the macro-resistant say so. But the US ITC July 29 start of the incident based on the" 337 investigation "of the facts, China 18 flooring enterprises have to respond, prepare the respondent, but Li Wei told reporters, preliminary The results "have to wait until September."
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