Flooring companies respond to market changes

Flooring companies respond to market changes

Postautor: harden » 2 wrz 2016, o 13:08

2016 For flooring business is an extraordinary year, China floor in addition to cope with the international market pressures, the need to find a new development path for the enterprise in the domestic market, to be able to occupy the domestic market foothold.

Market regulation policy impact has already spread open, home, bathroom and flooring and other related businesses are experiencing the test described gates of fire, adverse impacts to fish. Until now, five-second start in the first year has been more than half, about the protection of housing construction, the country has been published. By the end of June, protection of housing construction housing projects more than 5 million units by the end of 11, never expected all units of affordable housing starts. Around the operating rate varies, generally more than 50%, some even up to 90%, which for the fourth round of market regulation in July just undertaken is undoubtedly a good news. As for the flooring business, this is a good opportunity.

The property market regulation, a short time may curb the increase in volume, but within a certain period of time no matter how much volume the house, house decoration to the floor demand is still there, just for flooring companies issue stock sales. Of course, from another extent, the property market downturn, the floor of the small and medium enterprises more unfavorable, since after all, developers can drag a few years, flooring business may drag on for months in trouble, in this regard, the big brand companies occupy floor certain advantages.

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