WPC is typical of low-carbon green products

WPC is typical of low-carbon green products

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<p>and other additives, the two substances are incompatible with the complex, special processing, is obviously different from that of a new type of wood and plastic materials. WPC is typical of low-carbon green products, by molding, extrusion or injection molding of various products. Role in the low carbon economy over wood substitutes WPC and its products both wood and plastic dual character,exterior wall cladding waterproof</p>
<p>its texture and performance with the advantages of plastic and wood, wood materials to overcome the high water absorption, easy to crack deformation, susceptible to insects moth mildew disadvantages, and has many features not wood, high mechanical properties, light, moisture, anti-acid, non-perishable, easy to clean. It can be widely used in the production logistics flow tray, port construction;composite wood fence 75% wood</p>
<p>green products in the true sense. China is a country not rich forest resources and forest stock volume accounted for only 2.9% of the world supply and demand have become increasingly prominent. At present, the domestic demand for wood has reached 3-3.3 million cubic meters, according to forest cutting quota national "fifteen" during the year can only provide 1.4-1.5 billion cubic meters,how to build deck around round swimming pool</p>
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