Changsha formaldehyde-free home improvement floor

Changsha formaldehyde-free home improvement floor

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The Secretary-General of Changsha City Housing Zeng Qingfeng floor Decoration Industry Association said yesterday, the Municipal Association decided to install: From today, uv resistant rubber paver mats the United States in Hunan Di Decoration Engineering Company Limited and Decoration Engineering Company Limited Changsha Mingjiang zero formaldehyde home decoration pilot. Zeng Qingfeng said Tuesday Xiaoxiang Morning Edition reports on home building formaldehyde-free home improvement, the provincial capital caused a strong reaction of consumers. City Association installed within a week received more than 100 public telephone formaldehyde-free home improvement advice, we are particularly concerned about: This formaldehyde-free home improvement when it will appear in Changsha. Formaldehyde-free floor throughout the production process refers to the plate and the floor, and did not add any formaldehyde-containing raw material components, wood plastic for garden benches suppliers in addition to the natural air, aldehydes containing trees, lumber and flooring formaldehyde content is zero added. All along, home decoration essential Blockboard, plywood, veneer sheets, etc., the domestic home improvement business are basically using E1 class products, although such products meet national standards for formaldehyde emission limits, but if the unit excessive use of space, the formaldehyde released into the air will be accumulated or exceeded. Formaldehyde-free conditions Jiazhuang Ye decoration implementation have been met. Blockboard, plywood, veneer sheets, etc., as well as flooring, resistance moisture garden floor designers the market has in line with international E0-class standards. The so-called E0-class standards, is an enterprise reference to the highest standard of health to develop similar products of the enterprise internal control implementation of health standards, namely the average formaldehyde emission less than 0.5mg / L, only a few countries have implemented the standard. It has been introduced, the pilot period, the two companies will use all level E0 and E0 grade sheet flooring (or wood floors), who makes the best composit deck renovation process, the company will provide free air to detect formaldehyde content twice, once after the completion of woodworking , once fully completed later.
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