Laminate flooring waterproof

Laminate flooring waterproof

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Laminate flooring as a wood, at least for now, both China and Europe, as the substrate laminate flooring product, whether it is particleboard, MDF or HDF, are not waterproof.

Strengthen the floor soaked up how to do

A low coefficient of expansion coefficient after flood damage laminate flooring. In general, if no such floor soaked in water for more than 12 hours, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the water-soaked floor. Laminate flooring material, exposed joints, expansion joints against water vapor was drained into the water according to the number usually need 7-15 days or so dry, if after 15 days still not recovered should consider re-replacement.

The laminate flooring pry, the best as soon as the surface of the water to dry, and then press the "well" -shaped superimposed display, pay attention to the floor when placed tails. Laminate flooring material with a brick or something else elevate the floor to "well" stacked dry. Generally good quality flooring, can be dried in the pavement again.

In addition, to strengthen the floor after the material is dried pry, if no other problem can be re-paving. However, before the pavement to ensure that the ground was dry. If the keel, the keel of the total dry holes and the like, if the laminate flooring is laid directly on the ground, to wait for the cement floor again glow white.

Local soaked wood processing method a lot, if less flooding strengthen the floor, you can also use a hair dryer blowing against the gap until dry. However, do not use hot air, but with the cold dry slowly in order to prevent surface drying too quickly due to heat generated by deformation of dry. If the floor is a wide range of foam, but the soaking time is short, you can also consider the use of air conditioning and refrigeration to dehumidifier.

So, laminate flooring is afraid of water, but will strengthen the floor to do maintenance work, in order to prolong the life of wooden floors.
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