Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning eight

Guanzhong urban agglomeration intercity rail planning eight

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In Zhang Tong opinion, a Silk Road economic belt is a national strategy to implement the national strategy must building to mark the center of Xi'an City Community, so you can take the opportunity to accelerate the development of Guanzhong urban agglomeration. "New West Ham's original intention was to West Ham integration, development of Xi'an.

Development of Guanzhong - Tianshui Economic Zone original intention was to promote the construction of Guanzhong urban agglomeration. "He believes in Xi'an and Shaanxi Province to seize this opportunity to repair the intercity railway, speed up as the center of Xi'an Guanzhong Urban Agglomeration, make a new starting point of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

But things are not so simple. Xi'an and the Guanzhong City Group is facing new challenges. Currently, the "Yuxinou", "Rong new Europe", "Chinese New Europe", "Zheng new Europe", "Su new Europe" and other international major railway line are crossed Xi'an straight to Europe, funded by the "Chang'an" currently only arrived in Asia Kazakhstan. Zhang Tong said that as Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou and other cities are strong economic strength in Xi'an, and has for the European products, these cities, "West" is also very strong desire.

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