How To Buy Wood Flooring

How To Buy Wood Flooring

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First, the wooden floor is best to buy a large store because the supply of adequate, reliable quality.

Second, some people think that wood floors as widely as possible, in fact not the case, general flooring wider probability the longer the greater the deformation, our specific standard length is 1.2 m, width of 12 cm.

Third, the grain of wood flooring is also very important, generally selected to straight grain mainly to minimize the pattern, in addition to outside customers like this style. Because deformation coefficient pattern wood floors and ruled not the same, if the shop together and influence each other greatly.

Fourth, the hardness of the selection is also very important, selection of the time can draw with your fingers about, if it shows the deep imprint quality is not high, so to choose a relatively hard wood.

Fifth, in the time of purchase, pay attention to the flatness of the floor, so that you can reduce the difficulty of laying up.

Sixth, try to pick the color of the floor of small, large color laying on the floor in a hidden place, chromatic aberration small, local shop in the obvious places, so the results are good.

Wood floor clean, elegant and environmental health, its price is higher than ordinary floor, so, after the laid wooden floor, we have to take good care of it properly, in addition to the daily attention to some details, grasp its conservation skills are necessary. These are the wood floor maintenance have a coup and wooden flooring buying guide information, hoping to help friends.

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