Crossed the road equipment

Crossed the road equipment

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It crossed the road equipment, the road marking device collectively. She crossed the road and crossed into cold spray equipment and hot melt marking equipment. Asphalt concrete pavement compared to dash dash consume more coatings and paints, let's underline equipment and a breakdown of the relationship between the road surface:

We often say scribing equipment: cold spraying marking equipment, hot melt marking equipment.

1. cold spraying marking device is the use of marking paint implement scribing equipment independently developed by our company's small car dash dash compact equipment is a good example, with its emphasis on: simple, crossed the width can be adjustable, small size, easy to use, can be used with the program, does not require a long wait, line speed, crossed the playground can be in practical, residential parking dash, plant crossed, crossed zero, emergency repairs crossed a series of places crossed.

2. The hot melt marking equipment, the implementation is the use of hot melt coating crossed equipment, our company developed the hot melt marking devices Multifunctional marking machine is well suited for a variety of places scribing apparatus scribing equipment is in accordance with the national standard hot melt marking machine for highway crossed the city crossed the road, parking spaces crossed plants crossed, crossed lines respectively 15cm roadside shaking, 45cm zebra crossing dash shaking, etc., and underlined the thickness can be adjusted, and sprinkle bead has a good reflection effect in driving at night could see the line of the road. You can choose according to the number of quantities corresponding to a single-cylinder or two-cylinder thermal reactor thermal reactor for the melt coating, accelerate the speed of scribing.

3. Compared cement pavement asphalt hot melt marking surface scribing (cold spraying marking) is more cost-effective, because: cement pavement does not exist in the potholed asphalt road surface (asphalt road surface with tiny holes) Therefore, the use of asphalt pavement scribe scribing device will use more paint (paint) corresponding to the cost will be more concrete pavement in terms of a little bit higher.

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