Sports wood floor maintenance errors

Sports wood floor maintenance errors

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Myth # 1: Use household cleaning products household cleaning products for the decontamination alkaline reaction and prone to paint the floor surface when using household cleaning products decontamination, damage to the sports flooring.
Myth # 2: Use a stiff brush to scrub ball line tape left some trace line of the ball on the gymnasium floor is stained with a ball line tape to go. When thrown ball line tape, wooden floor surface will leave traces of gray and black. Very easy to damage flooring when with a stiff brush to remove these marks.
Myth # 3: stadiums frequency ventilation with wooden floors gymnasium, indoor air humidity is generally maintained at between 50% -70%. Because different geographical environment, different seasons and regions, the museum is not the same frequency ventilation. Ventilation frequency is too high or too low will affect the wood floor, the humidity should be adjusted according to the room air ventilation frequency.
Myth # 4: PVC sports flooring is only part of the area with wooden floor wood floor surface in many venues laying PVC sports flooring, it can guarantee good elasticity and protect the flooring system. However, some multi-purpose stadium in order to achieve the requirements, put a piece of wood into badminton and basketball court, badminton venues laying PVC and sports flooring basketball court directly exposed. Doing so will result in the laying of PVC and sports flooring section unpaved section generates color, affect the appearance.
Myth # 5: After soaking dried wood floor wood floor in the sun bulging deformation should be removed from the post, to be wood moisture equilibrium is reached after installation. If wet wood flooring on under the sun to dry, easy to make wooden floor curling, deformation, resulting in a direct scrap wood floor. Performing sports flooring maintenance procedure, be sure to avoid more than five errors, otherwise more sports flooring hazards. Right sport wood floor maintenance, will effectively make the floor remains beautiful and pretty, and greatly extend the service life!
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