Pavement milling Construction Technology

Pavement milling Construction Technology

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Milling old asphalt concrete pavement construction procedures
First, the milling process
1, first determine the required milling the old road position, width, depth.
2, along the side of the milling machine in place at the start, put the location, according to the car dump truck
Height adjusted spout height position. Dump truck parked in front of waiting to receive milling machine milling material.
3, start the milling machine by two technicians left and right milling depth control operation
Instrument, adjusted as required depth. Good depth to be adjusted by the operator perform milling operations.
4, the milling process, the forward movement of the forward command dump truck by hand, in order to avoid milling
Discharge conveyor belt machine dump truck hit the rear compartment, while observing whether the car full, milling machine stop command output milling material. Under the command of a dump truck in position to receive the milling material. While commanding a U-turn or reversing job milling machine.
5, the milling process, two technical staff to keep up with milling machine, milling effect is observed,
If the milling surface is not flat, the emergence of deep grooves, and timely examination milling cutters, is damaged, the timely replacement, so as not to affect the milling results; if not or milling milling depth is not complete, timely adjustment of milling depth occurs .
6, the milling process, water tankers on standby to be in the vicinity, because milling need to consume large
Amount of water, the need for timely water.
7, milling performed in a stepwise form. It requires a milling molding, a thorough old Lek
Clean and green concrete pavement milling, shall be left to the corners, milling or twice interface adapter bad place, there are some omissions old asphalt concrete.
8, for not delivered to the milling material on the dump truck, piled on the pavement, should be promptly
Manual cleaning, so as not to affect future transportation.
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