Now solid wood flooring market

Now solid wood flooring market

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Crazy hoarding solid wood floor price one day a kind soaring 45 percent six months "now solid wood flooring market, exaggerated point that is rising every day." One engaged in the business of solid wood flooring dealers told reporters, <a href="">smooth no knots cheap decking boards</a> due to shortage of raw material constraints, this year has been in the price of solid wood flooring up being. The greater concern is that, recently, some wood flooring dealers invested heavily in the accumulation of solid wood flooring. Dealer stockpile surprising move? Survey: three to five days was up again yesterday in Fuzhou decoration materials market, Bai Hui (Fuzhou) floor supermarket chain Chenhang Rong, general manager, said recently on the market price of solid wood flooring is very unstable 35 days there will be a small rise . "Like red sandalwood, yesterday rose 3 yuan per square meter, today up 5 yuan per square meter, do I have a big head." Yu-sen line floor supermarket chains, Bai Hui (Fuzhou) floor supermarket chain, Otomo floor firm learned that the current market is relatively popular red sandalwood 319 yuan per square meter, 240 yuan per square meter, Merbau, Kempas 205 yuan per square meter. Assistant General Manager Yu-sum line the floor of the supermarket chain Wang Ying introduced last month, as long as these solid wood flooring 290 yuan, 210 yuan per square meter, respectively, and 180 yuan. From the beginning to now, only more than six months, every solid wood flooring has risen hundred or so, with an average increase of 45%. According to market analyst reports, original decorative wood flooring market, <a href="">white vinyl privacy fence panel</a> solid wood flooring is the mainstream of the market. But this year, due to the high price of solid wood flooring guide and decoration company so that gradually replaced the laminate flooring solid wood flooring has become the market mainstream. Currently Laminate flooring (including imitation wood floor) accounted for about 55% market share, while wood floors, about 30% market share, MLB will occupy the remaining 15% market share. While solid wood flooring market share decline, <a href="">plans for outdoor heated deck</a> but in Fuzhou, monthly consumption of solid wood flooring is still about 50,000 square meters, solid wood flooring dealers are generally monthly turnover of 200 million yuan, so the wood floor prices affects decoration owners and floor distributors heart. Deep trends: business Costly stockpile Fuzhou decorative building materials suppliers are optimistic about the future trend of the price of solid wood flooring, it is an indisputable fact. General manager of a well-known supermarket building materials Fuzhou told reporters, as optimistic about the prospects of solid wood flooring prices, he took the original capital accumulation at a large number of solid wood flooring, the total amount of more than 20 million square meters, amounting to over 500 million, and this is only the beginning of his hoard, he said the future will continue to increase the amount of capital investment. <a href="">outdoor wpc flower box for community</a> Fuzhou Tai Fook Yan child is more floor manager of the firm, he said he was hoarding floor has wood flooring argument already heard, some of the smaller dealers because of limited funds, you just 100,000 I 200,000 to raise funds hoard wood floors. He said: "After all, solid wood flooring in prices, if the market spotted earn a lot." Assistant general manager Yu-Sen Wang Ying row floor supermarket chains do not agree with the argument stockpile. He believes that, under normal circumstances this can only be called a stocking, because the wood floor has a different sales cycle, from the factory to the hands of the dealer sales generally a half months. During this time, the strength of dealers usually reasonable stocking to avoid out of stock in the sales process. Tang Zhong, director of the provincial Forest Products Trading Center confirmed the stockpile to say, the recent rise in the price of solid wood flooring, indeed optimistic about the market outlook spurred some dealers, thereby performing solid wood flooring speculation. But he worried, but the recent rise in market trends, he believes that no one can ever accurately grasp market trends. When the market came to a standstill when the hoarder will self bitter taste. Direct reason: promising profit growth space floor dare spend original capital accumulation of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring is mainly spotted the trend of rising prices. The tight supply of raw materials, solid wood flooring is the main reason for price increases. President of the Provincial Association Liu Mengchun flooring industry introduced late last year, the Southeast Asian tsunami is solid wood flooring beginning of the year price increases in the market inflection point.
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