Stadium Sports Wood Flooring Selection Of Knowledge

Stadium Sports Wood Flooring Selection Of Knowledge

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In China after the Olympic Games, "Green Olympics", "High-tech Olympics" concept has been widely accepted. In the process of building some of the stadiums, the wooden floor is also referring to the selection of these concepts, using high-tech, environmentally friendly and healthy materials, for customers to create professional green stadiums. With the substantial increase in people's living standards, national fitness campaign atmosphere has been formed, the current number of construction of sports facilities around the country are booming while grade stadium also increasingly demanding, now basically do not use the previous pvc sports flooring , instead of using solid wood sports flooring. The wood flooring stadium as a basic functional units, the construction of the stadium plays a vital role. Stadium sports flooring is an excellent load-bearing properties, high shock absorption, resistance to deformation of sports flooring systems, and the coefficient of friction of the surface must reach 0.4 to 0.7, slippery or too astringent will cause harm to athletes, excellent impact absorbing performance can effectively prevent athletes by sports injuries. It is commonly spoken gymnasium flooring to have three major functions: the movement functionality, protection and technical functionality. As a basketball court sports flooring, also we need to have more than 90% of the capacity to rebound the ball. Therefore, in the selection of sports flooring material which is crucial, not all wood can do sports flooring, the wood used to have a professional sports venues requirements. Although commonly used solid wood sports flooring are: maple, oak, birch, ash, pine, etc., after the actual proof of a long-term, maple, oak is the best wood movement, thus becoming an international sports flooring on the specified selection we can provide these professional sports flooring for you. Sports stadiums solid wood floor, not only can achieve professional and technical indicators, but also very green, on the grade. We focus on sports flooring development, production, installation and other services more than ten years in the country to complete more than one hundred classic works.

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Re: Stadium Sports Wood Flooring Selection Of Knowledge

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