Inside floor rebranding of the Road

Inside floor rebranding of the Road

Postautor: harden » 5 wrz 2016, o 08:48

Topics for discussion: 1 in 2005 to China to strengthen the wood floor can be described as choppy, many domestic enterprises laminate flooring has just completed a Canadian anti-dumping, fell into a floor lock patent disputes, good energy wpc railings wholesale but these companies also busy responding there is a problem leaving their concerns, that is, Peng Hongbin doing? What makes these companies so concerned about your movements? 2. an investment mentioned in your ad title of "father of Chinese laminate flooring", "Power Dekor brand builders", "the head of the Rhine sunshine floor "every title is a condensed phase of your work experience, how do you think? Your favorite background 3. Which advertising investment is that you always back to back and leaves a treated lumber for porch floor sword in the hands of each of the engine, so the design is what you want to convey the idea 4. The first time you work together to create a successful Dekor, three times to join you hope to achieve what kind of results in the process you will face difficulties 5. You have single-handedly created the Power Dekor brand two years ago that you chose to leave, and now have to compete in the domestic industry has become increasingly heated floor when re-forming and launched a "sunshine Rhine", which is also a negation of the past beyond 6. Why do you want to talk about cooperation with the German Krono Group? What do you think Krono Group's core competencies 7. What do you think is the biggest difference compared to the current Chinese flooring market ten years ago what do you think about competition in the industry, competition in what it means for you 8 . synthetic decking on the ground day comeback touched you the most is what we are facing is 9. the products continue the era of homogenization, laminate flooring products as well as how a new brand "Rhine sunshine" from many brands stand out, how to turn your "Rhine sunshine" into an international brand it 10. Why say "Rhine sunshine sports" is the "fifth generation laminate flooring," temporary flooring for outdoor pergola which the conventional laminate flooring products are different 11. the current E0 floor is the focus of many media attention, in your opinion E0 floor is a concept of speculation, also an increase of production technology 12. While the laminate flooring to enter China for ten years, but the country laminate flooring market, there are many problems, especially as a business is a well-known international companies, do you think what to do to create a reassuring consumer environment for the consumer it
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Re: Inside floor rebranding of the Road

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Nothing in the world is the CSGO Skins only thing that is in constant change.
Do not allow your guilt to get the better of you. What's done is done and cannot be changed.:
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