Chengdu Railway Bureau arrived in Yunnan clothing

Chengdu Railway Bureau arrived in Yunnan clothing

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Sichuan Online news, a reporter from the Chengdu Railway Bureau was informed that since the earthquake rescue and relief transport scheduling podium since the establishment of Chengdu Railway Bureau announced the acceptance of relief supplies received a lot of public green matters relating to the calls, consulting engineering machinery, daily necessities, food and drinking water and other relief supplies rail transport.

Currently, the railway sector is based on caller intent to register to collect relief materials supply, in order to rush to the rescue timely loading supplies shipped the affected areas. However, after receiving the calls, this phone has become the expression of many of the people in the disaster areas of love hotline. To this end, the railway sector called on the community, please show love to the disaster area by the civil affairs department.

It is understood that the Chengdu Railway Bureau announced to the public transport of relief supplies received telephone, to the affected areas or to require from the disaster area through the green channel rail transport materials provided to handle phone, which will help the railway sector is more accurate, timely, quickly collect carrier handle, train series hanging, material handling and other work. "Call the people through a variety of ways to express their concern and care for people in disaster areas affected compatriots."

Wang Shengzhi dispatch relief official told reporters, "We expressed over the phone contributions, donations, volunteer to apply to the affected areas, to adopt earthquake orphans love demands, so we are very impressed." At the same time, Wang Shengzhi appeal caring society ready to give the masses, the railway sector is committed to transport relief supplies only to conduct business, we can not accept donations convey social work volunteer organizations. We hope the community people to express through civil affairs departments or charity to the disaster area of ??love, to protect the railway line from relief flow to ensure smooth transportation of goods affected areas.

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