Construction wood sports flooring attention to detail

Construction wood sports flooring attention to detail

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Sports flooring which process should avoid it the wrong way? In the more common method of laying the keel for example, are the following: the absence of ground leveling process: cause some uneven ground floor and keel vacant, it will beep when the stampede.

Construction of a attention to detail: wooden keel moisture without making process: Now construction is usually used pine plate made of non-dried sawn planing keel fixed in advance about 30 days between the ground floor and the laying of the keel is not a vapor barrier. Paving the floor when not checked the keel laying of the moisture content directly. In fact, when the keel moisture content is usually around 25%, and eligible wooden floor moisture content is generally about 12% humidity difference over the General Assembly to make wooden floor quickly absorb moisture, causing the floor bagging accompanied paint burst phenomenon.

Construction of attention to detail two: wood keel fixed with nails: nail construction with playing wedge plus a fixed manner, will cause the wedge with nails because the contact surface is too small nail leaving less grip force, can easily cause loose wooden keel occurs when the sound of trampling floor.

Construction of attention to detail three: Assembling too loose or too tight: wood expands and contracts along with changes in ambient temperature, humidity changes. Thus, in the development of wood floor coverings programs should be based on the ambient temperature of use of premises, humidity level to arrange assembly tightness wooden floors. If too loose, there will be a greater contraction of the floor cracks, too tight, it will inflate the floor when bagging.

Construction of attention to detail four: Cross renovation construction: first paved flooring construction and other construction projects in the floor surface, which is common practice in the renovation team. Thus, after completion of floor coverings, often they need to go through a month or even longer to polish painted. During this period, the floor and the water vapor surrounding environment, there is no chemical isolation measures, is likely to lead to wood moisture content due to drastic changes in deformation and cracking. Recommendations do paint factory
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