Wood floor waxing susceptible to wear and tear can be eased

Wood floor waxing susceptible to wear and tear can be eased

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<p>Wood flooring because of its characteristics, often giving a natural, soft, comfortable feel rich affinity and is widely used at home, but we also need to be careful wood floor care, especially in the face of the presence of floor floor easy to wear, easy to crack deformation, etc. problem, but also to our regular careful maintenance. The following Xiaobian to introduce wood floor waxing considerations. Wood floor waxing considerations. </p>

<p>1, to select the corresponding floor wax depending on the type of floor. Floor wax can be roughly divided into two kinds of water and oil. 2, floor wax removal method. Common floor wax scavengers, some are strongly alkaline. Because wood flooring material is wood, the basic component can cause discoloration of the floor, cause stains, absolutely unusable. Can be used with a cloth dipped solvent (urea-formaldehyde satisfied water) wipe method. 3. Precautions when laying the floor. High bond strength urea-aldehyde binder, paying particular attention. Adhere to the surface after the event, to be placed in the above urea formaldehyde soaked rag to satisfy the water, and cover the plastic film on the cloth, the adhesive to soften, then use bamboo cutter blade or clear plastic.4, the required tools and materials.</p>

<p> Resin floor wax, covered with tape, mop waxing special solvents (urea-formaldehyde satisfy the water), buckets, solvent gloves, rags, plastic blade, bamboo blade, vacuum cleaner. Wood floor waxing method 1 to clear the floor surface trash, dirt. Use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt floor surfaces. Wipe the stains on the floor with a diluted neutral detergent. For difficult to remove stains can satisfy the water clean. 2, fully dry. Floor surface moisture and groove portion completely dry before after waxing. </p>

<p>Depending on the season, the time required can vary, but generally take half a day or more. 3. Use adhesive tape to the wall baseboard and furniture parts covered Objective: To prevent contamination wall baseboard and floor wax furniture. 4, swing the floor wax container and stir evenly. 5. The grain direction carefully spread the floor, do not leak coated or uneven thickness. Apply too little can cause uneven shades, apply too much will result in poor film-forming. Bo Hou uniform is the key to keeping waxing</p>

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