Cooperation sales floor

Cooperation sales floor

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"Lucerne" The reason why the floor and tied the supermarket, the supermarket is optimistic about the purchase strict, uniform price, management practices, convenient advantage and establish long-term strategic partnership with the supermarket, the supermarket into the global procurement system, work together, while chain supermarkets also put Switzerland "Lucerne" supermarket timber cladding floor options interior cape town floor as a flagship brand, truly mutually beneficial.
Switzerland "Lucerne" to enter the Chinese market regarded as a latecomer, and is now the face of the huge Chinese market, domestic pressure plate, Lu Ke talked about their competitive advantage, he said: "In the absence of any intermediate trade links, the lowest price is relatively the same grade , so that ordinary consumers can easily enjoy wear resistance wood stadium seating flooring from Europe; improve technical development ability, every year there are new products to market; Swiss, like the world-famous Swiss watch, like Switzerland "Lucerne" floor every piece of composite board lawn edging fence flooring are also Swiss precision manufacturing; by the national Panel testing Center test, formaldehyde content is only 0.3mg / l, far below the national standard Lu Ke, he said: "Switzerland KRO-NOSWISS company attaches great importance to environmental protection, with a strong sense of social responsibility. company, is the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) members, all products are the (forest Stewardship Council) certified FSC and CH6.5 (Switzerland timber certification), the certification not only shows that our products are environmentally friendly, high-quality raw materials wood, and the floor that we not only produce, but also focus on protecting forest resources.
According to the China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee person in charge of laminate flooring industry is characterized by multi-brand, brand concentration is not high, the market is active, product quality is uneven. Statistical results show that the performance of the best single-brand market share is about 10%, relative to other mature industries, brand concentration differ greatly, mary brooke table and bench set flooring industry is still in a highly competitive period of development, domestic and imported have room for development and potential.
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