Ecological wood manufacturers how to seize opportunities

Ecological wood manufacturers how to seize opportunities

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Prospects good ecological wood! Although business opportunities, but the market competition is very fierce and beyond will be brutal! Ecological wood manufacturers in order to develop better, depends entirely on the quality of products, technology research and development capabilities, production number of other advantages!

Now the market is fast fish eat slow fish era is the era of cross-border points and gold, make the brand favored by the market, went from what aspects?

First: the network marketing and online sales, and expand the influence of the network, the company established network investment and service team.

Second: enter the professional stores, establish a benchmark image and expand the terminal to meet the rate, enhance the brand influence. To channel network in the country started construction investment, the rapid spread of brand image.

Third: to cells direct marketing, interior design company cross-industry alliance channels.

How to foster recognition of the channel?

1, market planning and network layout: Salespeople need to carry out detailed research on the regional market, and then develop and market launch planning and development cooperation, in accordance with the actual market situation, the construction of the regional market development and channel outlets

2, the follow-up work step by step, such as team further improved to further enhance the quality of service, terminal shopping guide staff have been training and promotion.

3, regional marketing direction: give a specific channel planning, channel specific practical approach to business staff will be completed at the same agency team.

4, team building: three levels counseling agency team, first, agents of senior management, the main idea is communication and unity of thinking, to achieve the project's high degree of recognition; second, business agents, instruction sales methods, training mode of operation; third, agents shopping guide staff training system. Follow-up work step by step, such as team further improved to further enhance the quality of service, terminal shopping guide staff training and continuous improvement.

5, let the partners agree the key is: excellent products, market management and orderly, healthy and stable development of enterprises, have ambitious development goals, profit-oriented business is business!

Eco-wood problem facing the industry are the following five points:

First, the lack of professionals! The current lack of industry professionals, especially very professional trainers, shopping guide, extension workers lack! .

Second, professional and technical personnel: In layman's eyes that is very simple, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the product shape design and installation, you need a professional technical capacity.

Third, the channel of the professional degree is not high: He is different from the current sales agent of conventional products, as well as consumer awareness of domestic market and relatively indifferent to most areas, there is a long incubation period, there is no long-term vision of the agents is difficult Stick to it.

Fourth, the impact of poor quality products consumption, of course, is the impact of some low-end consumer groups. Also cause some negative effects.

Fifth, the service guarantee: Some brands, once sold, installation and after-sale problems buguanbugu. Enterprise give customers and partners a strong logistical support.

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