Sports Wood Flooring Systems Features

Sports Wood Flooring Systems Features

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1, sports wood flooring systems, sports wood flooring fully meet the three functions (motor function, protection, technology function) and six sports performance requirements.
2, the components corresponding sports wood flooring systems have a separate anti-corrosion, moisture treatment. Able to fully meet the large area of pavement sports flooring systems to the ambient temperature and humidity change adaptation.
3, referring to the United States NBA elastic sports wood flooring structure specially designed double LVL keel structure, generated by the system, shock absorption, rebound the ball, fully embodies the scientific design, not only from the spring action by special pads, and the whole play structures in the elastic effect, force distribution, to maximize the carrying capacity per unit area reduces the load on each of the units member. sports wood flooring more time to meet the requirements of the three functions and six sports performance indicators.

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