the floor Ma believes

the floor Ma believes

Postautor: harden » 6 wrz 2016, o 04:21

Recently purchased the floor Ma believes that environmental protection is the primary consideration of the purchase of the floor problem,4 x 8 composite floor sheets he more recognized E0-class standards, the introduction of Japan Dekor F4 Star standards, he was not very clear. F4 star wave of strong incoming cold Why?

Since laminate flooring production threshold is low, in fact, reached the national emission standards for home decoration floor can meet demand. ceiling tongue and groove mdf panel Blind pursuit of environmental protection can not be resolved floor interior decoration formaldehyde superposition problem, difficult for consumers to identify,plastic beams for pergolas that look like wood rather than risk might as well choose E0 floor.

I believe that many consumers will temporarily sidelines. This may be a major cause of F4-loved star of the flooring market. pool edge seal materials sales Miss Han busy with new home decoration also expressed their own ideas for the F4 star she is not very understanding, she favored more environmentally friendly floor, in addition to the formaldehyde content.
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