Developers should carefully choose the wood floor

Developers should carefully choose the wood floor

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Property developers should carefully choose the wood floor in the national policy to promote the housing industry, additives in wood plastic composite manufacturing Latvia the real estate market, an increasing proportion of hardcover room. Decoration decoration materials in the ground area occupied by 1/4 or more, the cost of the total cost of 1 / 4-1 / 6. Wooden floor with a solemn and elegant pattern, comfortable and can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, sound-absorbing characteristics, has become a leader in surface decoration materials. Hardcover real estate in general, more than 80% of wood flooring. Wood flooring made from natural wood made, top rated composite decking material if the purchase would have improperly hidden quality problems. Most real estate developers do not understand the characteristics of the raw materials as well as wood flooring floor production key process, some unscrupulous business in order to make their products accepted by developers, deliberately misleading, or even buy into a project with a floor purchase misunderstanding, not only suffered economic loss, but also to discredit the reputation of the brand. Myth: Most heavy price, light, wicker patio furniture in trinidad and tobago light pavement developers buy the floor taken: Looking advertising efforts, famous wood floor; manufacturers recommend the initiative to come; bidding; by friends and other ways. Either way will adopt a careful comparison of products, better to buy quality, low-price engineering floors. But there are also the developers because of the lack of understanding wood floor passively into a heavy price, lightweight, light pavement cycle. The reason is: Supervisor Engineering buyers, in order to reduce costs to maximize profits blindly lower prices, the price down to below cost, wood flooring business in order to get the project can only be approved. And not willing to lose money, they make a fuss about the material into a thin thickness, material grade drop, diy garden awnings singapore or reduce the cost of workers and in paving materials, etc., although the quality of pavement on the surface after the contract does not find a match problem, in fact, the quality of the hidden dangers hidden under the floor. Developers also get private sector procurement kickbacks --- connivance floor to lower quality of the floor and pavement quality. Depending on how much the rebate to determine to whom the project. The floor may only black-box operation, high rebates to buyers, and rebates are deducted from the cost of the floor. That is the use of perpetrating a fraud, or spread material on cost reduction methods, quality problems after the pavement will be hidden under the floor. Myth: the pursuit of flooring formaldehyde-free indoor environment of harmful gases, benzene, toluene, xylene, VOC, formaldehyde. Currently people on the harm of formaldehyde to see more weight. Formaldehyde emission should be properly understood.
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