Environmentally friendly floor

Environmentally friendly floor

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Laminate flooring has gradually become the material of choice for renovated room on the ground, there are more and more businesses began to advocate environmental protection floor. If the sub-floor to outdoor water proof diy decking floor coverings, baseboard, plastic floor mats and other parts of words, the proportion of each part of the environmental protection are the same.
We all tend to think that as long as the composite decking worth money floor of environmental protection, and you can feel at ease pavement, but do not know the baseboard and floor glue, floor mats and other auxiliary materials, there are also free of formaldehyde, would endanger the health of their families. Floor specifically for the consumer launch of the "green flooring", which in addition to other than the floor itself is green, while providing a wide range, all-round environmental protection floor and supplementary multi-angle. "Green rubber flooring", "green baseboard", "green mats" series of products with excellent environmental quality of the floor, the perfect interpretation of the "green flooring" green concept of health. 180 degrees on the basis of environmental protection: the buy decking singapore floor is recognized by governments and experts "double green, double excellence, win-win" environmentally friendly products, its formaldehyde emission has been stable at the international and national standard is better than E1 class double environmental standards, formaldehyde emission only 0.1mg / L, and adopted the China environmental Labeling product certification authority.
180 degrees guarantee peace of mind: wood glue at the end of September 2002, becoming the first Chinese through the China Environmental Labeling Product brand rubber wear resistance pvc gates ireland flooring, low VOC modified vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion as the main raw material, from addressing the root causes of high formaldehyde problems content, quality and efficient rubber flooring become environmentally friendly, moisture-proof.
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