Copper Huang Expressway Standard Method

Copper Huang Expressway Standard Method

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Project department when planning to build temporary office space per capita area of ??not less than 6 square meters per capita living space area of ??not less than 5 square meters of construction area per capita living space area of ??not less than five square meters, all of the office, living with rooms are color-coated steel housing, so that employees live, living conditions greatly improved: laundry, bathroom, room, cafeteria, basketball courts and other facilities, staff housing for an air conditioner, wardrobe, television have become standard accessories, change construction sites in the past "dirty and messy," the phenomenon.

Promoting job Process Standardization Project Department vigorously promote "the first piece approval system" and the "standard construction method." Before each sub-project construction, the construction that is the first test section of the first article, in accordance with the plan and construction organization for examination to the approval, construction to continue construction concluded (success) or re-organization of construction (failure).

"Standard Method" is in accordance with sub-item part project, such as a roadbed excavation, embankment fill, channels, culverts, etc., each sub-item, part project personnel, machinery and equipment, materials, construction plan, process, management procedures are Similarly, each Section, division of Engineering are also the same process, control standards. Construction, project department emphasis on technological innovation and technological innovation, the positive application of new technologies and equipment, not only improve the efficiency of construction and production, and effectively promoted the standardization of construction work.

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