domestic floor flooring imported quality

domestic floor flooring imported quality

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Formaldehyde is a colorless, pungent gas inhalation after the man shed tears, runny nose, <a href="">wpc decking distributors europe</a> cough and high concentrations can cause chest tightness, loss of appetite, insomnia and other symptoms, severe cases cause nose, eyes and mouth cancer. Formaldehyde has a strong bonding properties can enhance the anti-corrosion performance and pest control panels currently on the market particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood are formaldehyde-containing urea-formaldehyde resin as a main component as a binder, in addition to solid wood parquet flooring flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring are used urea-formaldehyde resin as a binder, so there formaldehyde release. Countries have quality control standards for formaldehyde emission of the three floors. State Technical Supervision issued GB18580-2001 "interior decoration materials, plywood and their products formaldehyde emission limits" mandatory standards at December 10, 2001 as specified in laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring formaldehyde emission are qualified ��1.5mg / L when the products are not harmful to the human body, if the blind pursuit of low formaldehyde on the floor of the performance bond will be reduced, will produce other quality problems. Some companies deliberately fabricated false monitoring reports to deceive consumers or formaldehyde-free buyers. In fact, because of excessive formaldehyde detection, mostly using inferior Daixinban in the decoration, <a href="">composite decking cheap price</a> MDF and other decorative material of the partitions or doors, and furniture. Furniture made from these materials, doors will open nostrils harsh taste, which indicates that formaldehyde is seriously overweight. To reduce the content of formaldehyde in the indoor air, in the selection of material to choose a variety of decorative materials formaldehyde standards, but also to maintain good indoor ventilation, which is the prevention of formaldehyde the most effective way. <a href="">who makes the best outdoor decking</a> Myth: the quality of imports than domestic floor flooring imported quality than domestic floor flooring, which is most people's habits of thinking. In fact, there are good and bad imported products, <a href="">around the pool wpc material wholesale</a> domestic products are also good and bad. Just because people have this idea exist, some unscrupulous suppliers floor sneak shoddy, shoddy products produced, the name of a series of deliberate foreign brand name to deceive consumers, in fact, some have been better than some domestic flooring brands imported brands, the reasons: 1. Flooring, <a href="">wood plastic terrace boat deck</a> especially wood floor in China has thousands of years of history, the production technology is more mature. 2. Production equipment, a well-known brand or size of the flooring manufacturers and international brands are the same as heroic, power, and other famous Laut ...... equipment, machinery and equipment of domestic and imported equipment is also little difference. 3. Production shop floor materials such as adhesives also used as Gentile, Nobel ...... and other import brands, low formaldehyde glue E-Class, E-Class or domestic adhesives. 4. Solid wood floor board from the raw materials are imported materials Southeast Asia, Brazil, North America, Africa, Russia and other countries. 5. Standard performance index value of wood flooring are the light of EU standards, some indicators also higher than them. In view of the above five reasons, the Chinese production floor not only welcomed by domestic and 2004 sales reached 260 million square meters, favored by the international market. Foreign investors have signed the order, China in the world, it has been recognized as flooring production power. For this reason, some companies on the international market because of fear of occupied China, have set up technical barriers and trade barriers and other obstacles in the international market and hinder China occupy the international market, but also can not stop the rapid development of domestic brands floor.
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