Sports wood floor production and processing

Sports wood floor production and processing

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Sports wood floor production process in order to ensure the quality of the wood floor gymnasium dedicated to meet the design requirements and national standards, the company strictly in accordance with the following standard operating procedure execution: Featured produced in the Changbai Mountains of large diameter high-grade wood (maple, oak, Ash), according to standard processed into flooring rough material to ensure that it has no dead knots, no rot, no insect eyes, no cracking, basically the same color. Drying process: the use of advanced steam drying kiln dried, degreasing, desizing, pest control treatment.
1, in the drying kiln, the natural air temperature was raised to 45 ��, drying 5-8 days to prevent cracking of wood flooring, internal crack; 2, with 45 �� ~ 70 ��, vapor steaming and drying for 10 days, stable mechanical strength and flatness wood flooring, wood flooring to prevent warping, deformation;
3, the temperature reached 70 ��, stop steaming, hot start degreasing, desizing, pest control treatment.
4, with 70 �� ~ 80 ��, drying 8 days to achieve complete degreasing, desizing, while the moisture content of wood flooring standards.
5, wool floor kiln after screening process to ensure that no decay, no insect eyes, no dead knots, no cracks, no internal split, no warping, no deformation. Wood flooring produced using the world-class German power four shaver, double-milling Italian production, production, processing and high precision. All aspects of strict quality control to ensure product quality to meet national standards.
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