Regular maintenance of solid wood floors make home fresh and

Regular maintenance of solid wood floors make home fresh and

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<p>Unique wood floor texture and color, giving the home fresh and clean, warm and gentle charm. Solid wood flooring with moisture, noise, cool, resilient and strong, comfortable, and many other advantages, more and more consumers choose wood floor coverings. However, compared with the hard tile floor there are also easy to wear, easy to deform, easy to crack the problem, we must carefully conserve floor to make good effect, extend the life of the floor. </p>

<p>First, immediate occupancy, floor coverings should be good after the check-in two weeks, for a long time unoccupied or infrequent living room, the room should be placed in pots of water and keep the water, or use a humidifier to compensate for indoor heating open and evaporate moisture. Indoor environment not too dry, nor too wet to prevent wood floors dry, shrink or expand. Second, waterproof, prevent rain soaked the floor, to prevent a balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow, turn good time to travel or water taps, especially not touch the floor with hot water, hot water heating pipes do not spill to the floor on the event to be dry in time. </p>

<p>To prevent the glass tiles, spikes and other hard objects scratch the floor when moving furniture should not be directly sliding on the floor, shall be lifted and mobile light, often moving furniture can be sticky rubber on the bottom layer. Third, waxing, in order to maintain the appearance of three-layer parquet and extend paint life, can be every two months to play a wax, before waxing to clean the stain, then evenly spread a layer of floor wax on the surface, slightly dry with a soft cloth until smooth and shiny. Prevent lasting strong sunlight floor, so as not to paint in the long-term ultraviolet radiation, premature aging, cracking, avoid cold wind blowing straight home appliances and baking floor.</p>

<p> Fourth, anti-fouling, oil or lacquer wood floor wax wood floor after a period of use, there will be dirt difficult to remove by conventional cleaning methods, different situations have different solutions. Lacquer wood flooring due to fouling and becomes difficult to clean it, use a degreasing agent and warm water 25 ℃ phase prior to mixing with the use of degreasing agents, the floor should be fully cleaned.</p>

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