Expressway pouring Construction Technology

Expressway pouring Construction Technology

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Expressway crack repair process and cost analysis are described below.
Cracks patching technologies and methods
Many crack repair method is generally determined based on the width and depth of the repair process cracks. According to cracks crack width will be divided into four types:
Micro-cracks, such cracks slit width <5 mm, edge chipping or cracks only slightly cracked, with no or a small amount of branch joints for smooth vehicle impact is not too large;
Small cracks, such cracks width 5 ~ 15mm, a slight crack edge chipping, and a small amount of support joints, cracks on both sides with a little dislocation, it will cause the vehicle slightly beat;
Cracks, such cracks slit width is 15 ~ 25 mm, crack edge with moderate fragmentation, and a small amount of support joints, cracks on both sides of a small amount of dislocation, it will cause the vehicle significantly beat;
Large cracks, such cracks slit width> 25mm, edge crack severe fragmentation, and have more support joints, cracks on both sides have a greater dislocation, it will cause severe beating vehicle.
Non-slotted repair method (traditional repair method)
Non-slotted repair method suitable for microfracture repair, depending on the material used, this repair method can be divided into hot fill and cold fill two kinds.
These traditional methods after years of production practice has proved that both the use of heavy traffic asphalt or modified asphalt emulsion pouring, with the surface temperature and grassroots contraction, no more than one year, the cracks repaired again in the original pouring position re-cracking, which accounted for more than 86% failure rate, the second year had to re-patching. Such regular maintenance not only increases the maintenance costs and frequent maintenance work will cause inconvenience and unsafe driving.
Slotted repair method
Slotted repair method is suitable for the small crack, foreign general crack treatment method using equipment, including slot machines and irrigation sewing machine, material used to fill joints designed for crack repair sealant (polymer modified asphalt), open tank size of at least 1 cm wide, 1 ~ 3 cm deep, grooving depth and width ratio should not exceed 2: 1, the ratio of the depth of the lower the better. Construction process slotting repair method generally divided into five steps.
Ready to work. Check the slot machines and irrigation sewing machine, to ensure their good technical condition; according to the specific circumstances of pavement cracks, fill joints to determine the design; irrigation sewing machine to start heating tank sealant add sealant, the sealant is heated and stirred until 193 ��, can not exceed 204 ��; heating during irrigation sewing machine trailer behind the main car, and the sealant side of the road, safety instructions signs, slot machines and shoulder mounted hair dryer or heat gun mounted on the main board, etc. and drag it to a predetermined construction sites, highway demi half closed as a construction zone.
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