Cork flooring for home use where?

Cork flooring for home use where?

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<p>Bathroom: solid wood flooring is not suitable for the bathroom, so the bathroom tiles for a time became the monopoly of paving materials. However, the tile cold, getting to the water and very slippery. Neither comfortable nor safe. Cork flooring is the best choice for the bathroom. It is very warm, but also non-slip. Said to be both comfortable and safe. Elderly housing: China has entered the aging society. The number of elderly people living alone in increasing, Respect, care is before the people pressing social problems. How your parents? Cork flooring after all, a long-term care intimate.</p>

<p>Children's room: ① flexibility and warmth of cork flooring is any other floor covering can not be compared. Shop in the children's room, little angel feet stepped on it will feel very uncomfortable. ② readily throw things for a child will not be much damage. ③ In addition, children do not accidentally fall, flexible cushioning cork flooring will reduce children's pain. Kitchen: cooking at home either husband or wife to cook, it is hero, very hard. So be sure to protect their back and legs, elastic cork flooring can reduce stress because of long standing who cook generated.</p>

<p>Study, bedroom, listening room: These places are homes where it is most needed quiet. Cork flooring noise reducing function is to reduce noise to a minimum. For you to learn, rest to provide quiet, comfortable environment. Love of music enthusiasts, can freely enlarge the volume, as long as your home covered with cork wall panels and floors, it can be kept in your room sound without disturbing the neighbors, you can also enjoy Hi-fi hi-fi sound quality.</p>

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