Self slotted irrigation sewing machine

Self slotted irrigation sewing machine

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Irrigation sewing machine: mainly used for pavement disease preventive maintenance as a way of belonging to the type of road machinery, general Slot machines, irrigation sewing machine, hair dryer (or heat gun) supporting the use of
RGF150DK own slotted irrigation sewing machine main features:
�� slotting, dehumidification, pouring process all-in-one, self, dual-trailer; standard pavement slotting machine, hairdryer. Its full range of crack Treatment equipment to ensure efficient construction speed and quality of construction quality
�� installed their own electric system, manual control walking, there is an emergency stop function; special vehicles to save additional costs extra than a single trailer equipment. Manual advance, after the fall, self-regulating speed.
�� backpack hairdryer apply cool, damp areas, can quickly inseam drying, increase the sealing material and the adhesive seam wall. Pouring quality assurance. To ensure that the overall road performance and prolong the life of the road
�� sets of equipment assembly on the vehicle hoisting machine, slot machines in their own easy handling chassis.
�� temperature control the use of technology, the thermal oil temperature control, oil heating to 220 �� automatically stop the burner, the oil temperature dropped to 180 �� diesel burner automatically starts heating. Integrated thermal oil forced circulation system, the heating more quickly; ensure sealant material does not in coking and heating use, non-condensing, non-blocking, plastic flow smoothly.
�� crystal dual display dashboard unified control, centralized display oil temperature, feed moderate heating hose set temperature and the actual temperature. Thermostatically controlled heating hose is also used to ensure long time operation potting management system smoothly.
�� can complete, stable performance, municipal, ideal for highway conservation center Treatment pavement cracks.
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