LED panels have been incorporated

LED panels have been incorporated

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More modern Led Light Panel outianlighting.com panel displays are based on a light-emitting diode smaller than the head of a pin. This type of LED panel is referred to in the industry as a surface-mounted device (SMD).

The red, green and blue LEDs in a SMD display are mounted as single units on a computer-controlled circuit board.

The smaller size of these LEDs allows for viewing of the display at a closer distance without the visual distortion that would be present in a standard display.

SMD-designed LED panel displays are often used where high brightness and rapid fluctuation of the image are desired.

This can include sports arena displays, modern billboards and corporate displays in outdoor urban settings and such high-profile locations as fashion or auto shows.

Other increasingly popular uses for LED panel displays include traffic lights, traffic signals and stage lighting for theater and television productions.

LED panels have been incorporated into the design of 300x1200 Led Panel outianlighting.com televisions as well.
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