The key of properly installed wood floor

The key of properly installed wood floor

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make floor no sound, we must first find out the floor emitted a sound reason, in general, there was a noise floor of the following reasons: according to wood floor coverings, acceptance and use of norms (GB / T20238-2006), ground flatness ��5mm / 2m, flatness wood keel after the installation is ��3mm / 2m, the flatness of the actual ground is difficult to meet the requirements, the installation had to shim under the wooden keel, some pads or pad is no no pad level after installation of the floor, the floor portion of the position is not completely in contact with the wood keel, sound is generated when people walk on the floor. This situation will ring immediately after installation, but localized.
1, the distance from the wooden keel wooden keel should not be too far too far, do not exceed 400mm. Some distance at 450mm wooden keel or even far greater weight when the foot single person on a single floor, floor to produce a greater downward deflection of the floor and the side adjacent to the floor friction generated noise . If this is the reason, as long as a single step on the floor will ring, more than step on the floor will not ring, but also can occur after installation.
2, the moisture content of wood keel large difference in some areas, not dried wood keel, free in open dumps, the moisture content of wood keel quite different. The same batch of wood keel, some moisture content of about 10%, some as high as 25% or more. Even the wooden keel installers looking very flat, temporarily may not ring floor after installation, during use, the moisture content of wood keel after rebalancing, there will be uneven, walking on the floor above will produce sound. Features are: the installation does not ring, in use for some time response. Regional produce much noise. Big brand Beijing area with wooden keel should be dried, some dealers also take finished wood keel, temporarily install the floor, place a week or so, and then re-leveling pavement, you can reduce the probability of occurrence of such problems.
3, measures moisture improper installation of the floor, due to improper measures moisture, producing tile-like deformation damp floor, tile floors and no sound like deformation is more serious, since excessive expansion of the floor, squeeze each other tight at this time people walking on the floor, the floor does not move up and down, so it does not produce mutual friction and noise. The main floor is a consumer complaints board seizing or deformation. If the ground water after the finish, the floor of the water continued to decline to a normal state, there has been a gap, tile-shaped floor has not completely disappeared between floors, tile-like floor on top of the wood keel like a seesaw, the people on the floor everywhere you will feel the impact when walking. This situation is first experienced a wet period, and then into the drying period after the occurrence, appearing in the northern winter. In addition, there is a rather special case, floor installation, although the moisture did not do, because the water is not very high ground floor of a slight bulge and slight deformation of the shoe, yet even in the visual sense drum kits and floor tile-like deformation has been generated. In fact, the floor has been created between the wooden keel with a slight gap, when people step on the floor will produce sound. The characteristics of such problems is to install the floor after a very short time will generate noise, and more and more, more and more weight. The shortest possible time, the installation will ring the next day. Some people often ask: at the same step on the floor, under the first foot will sound, does not ring after stepping kicks, after a while this place will again step on the ring, which is why? Actually very simple, we have repeatedly step on the same place, the floor has been closely in contact with the wood keel, no floor space up and down movement, the floor is also not rang. When we stepped on to other places, where the floor and raised, with wooden keel clearance, so, again step on this place will produce sound.

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