Wood floor maintenance

Wood floor maintenance

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Wooden flooring is made from natural wood furnishings, the upper surface generally can see the texture of real wood, the tree bears occasionally surface, also reflects the fresh and natural materials. To the summer, we must carefully protect it.

According to store manager introduced a floor, wooden floor for the summer to do the following. First, we should avoid the brunt of the sun, long-term exposure can affect the life of the wood floor. Placement is best to avoid the sun irradiation in place, or to reduce the sunshine during the day time. Then, the heat source should also be away from the wooden floors and air conditioning vents do not speak against the wooden floor blowing, in order to avoid huge temperature so that the furniture cracking, deformation.

In addition, the high summer temperatures, it is easy to sweat, sweat is necessary to avoid direct body contact with the surface of the wood floor to avoid the sweat of a long wooden floor erosion.

Finally, common soft damp cloth to wipe, when you want to wipe wipe along the grain, wipe avoid this particular time of the destruction of the wooden floor and affect the appearance. Or the crushed walnut wrapped with gauze, wipe along the wood grain, can play a role in polishing and maintenance.

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