Wood Flooring Marketing

Wood Flooring Marketing

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Our wood flooring company in the world to do 20 years, has accumulated rich experience in the whole, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/2831.html">6 ft stockade composite fence price</a> no technical problems, which add up to several reasons, I think we should have a chance to win, and we are not second goal. Our goal is first. The two of us do in a second no fun. We are against the floor innovation, we feel that China has entered a everyone emphasis on health, pay attention to the movement of an era, especially the 2008 Olympic Games can say that China has entered the era of such a movement, we as a flooring manufacturer, we must consumers to pay attention to such a demand has started to form, so we are in the material aspects of the product up and down a lot of work, so to make such a concept sports flooring and our products, we implement a series of sports flooring concept for some products , it has emerged, and very popular with consumers, because we can do to help you do make the floor exercise. So the concept of sports flooring is the latest initiative. Flooring industry, which in the past is not the past, others just selling floor, and we are selling sports, selling health. This health through something to get it? Help you do sports, to remind you to do this sport through our floor, so our floor inside, which contains our brand to consumers is my love. You mean I thought I saw the floor exercise, you want exercise, we have you covered such as the Rhine sunshine sports floor you will certainly have the desire to exercise, because it will remind you. Apart Rhine sunshine sports flooring itself it is to strengthen the capabilities of the product, there we have a motion sermon on which you can exercise, as well as the track directly, I put the motion into two types, one body movement, an idea sports, there are a number of sports accessories, this one is not just a concept, there is a product, the entity supports. I think the market to be successful, we create a value to the tournament, in addition to a very good price, this is our way to achieve. Could you disclose the cost-effective network is how we configure the product is rich, the vast majority of our products are unique, our own proprietary products, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/3214.html">pontoon boat suppliers qatar</a> such products up and down it is compatible, which includes traditional floor technology, features, you pay the price of the traditional good price, you have the floor beyond the traditional functions, there are new features, the relatively high cost. If our traditional products, we will price one-third cheaper than others. Such as the same floor, if not the others sport floor, 90 others sell, we sell 60, but our products are sports oriented. Moderator: You sell this floor will not lose money, not lose money when we sell a company's success in the market, there are two cases, the first you innovation, give consumers new products, new value, new surprises . The second is to keep the lower prices, reduce costs and give consumers more affordable. The first such as Sony which is a typical example, it continues to make new products. Let me give an example of speaking, TE Sony camera, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/1429.html">teak outdoor floor tiles</a> it can not be replaced, very novel. The second is in Grasse, of course, price is innovation. I think in terms of the sun from the Rhine, innovation as one of its hard targets, we also like Sony, we also want to continue through innovative products, not to convince consumers, but moved to the consumer. Because the brand is the most advanced stage of moving him, you really intentions in doing this floor, the floor most of the manufacturers do not actually chosen, cold, he was just doing a floor, and the floor which we attach a lot of us in this era consumers living, emotional a need. Moderator: Can you now need to analyze consumer sentiment and life is what, in fact, his material needs of consumers for actually contains a lot of his emotional needs inside. For example, why some expensive brand he sells his products, and in fact there is no difference with the other? Why spend the money to buy it? Because he was very fond of this brand, respect for the brand, because consumers are flesh and blood after all, people have feelings. Today invited Mr. Ye is not easy, you can analyze with the majority of users, and users now mentality of the people is what I feel like modern people basically do not have to discuss. For example, like this cool concept, and now young people to pursue the pursuit of cool and we had cool, then sooner or pursuit cool differently. When girls eighties preferred a boy, the boy has several general performance, a feature that is not sitting in his speech, his eyes peering at the distant, next to the girls think this man is very deep, to marry him later discovered the foolish man, there should not marry him, the past is cold. Now is the temperature cool, still includes rules like Jay, but he has a rebellious stuff in there, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/267.html">waterproof wpc wall panel</a> or a temperature cool people, not cold people. Now most of the young is not the cold, cold eighties people are cold. Now you have to study the consumer, the most important thing is not his place to think, not to be commented Kuhao warm or cold is good, what is now the consumer is what we feel cool Kuhao, we strongly users, support from merchants we meet his needs. Like said earlier the floor, the floor if you are not concerned with consumer heart to do no sports flooring, sports flooring should say is a first Rhine sunshine. There are several reasons, Rhine sun inside several brand temperament is sunny, Tian Liang temperament is a big boy, very sunny. Rhine sunshine by the nation's first company, our industry should be said that the world champion, he is also world champion Tian Liang. In addition, he sports field world champion, we are the world-type floor, several factors combined we decided to elect him, it should be said that the choice is very good, very much in place. Mr Yip also have ideas inside. Because it was selected Tian still feel relatively light, he is actually a very straightforward person, because a lot of media coverage, Tian Liang may have some, but you're really down and in contact with him, you think he is a very honest, real people, very sunshine a person, so I feel very good doing Rhine sunshine. Further Tian itself some young women, especially women of motherhood can stimulate that side, to care for him, I think this is because buying floor inside the field, decision-making or in the hands of women, so we are now advertising department Tian feedback it is very good. We are able to make Dekor flooring China's first brand, we still have the confidence that we can create a new first brand, the sword is actually a symbol of our resolve.
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