Overseas flooring brands vied for the domestic market

Overseas flooring brands vied for the domestic market

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According to estimates, over the next five years the annual growth rate of production and sales floor will be 15-25%. Among them, the parquet will be increasing growth rate of 30% -50%. Lack of domestic wood flooring business a strong national brand, where to buy wpc slats for park bench so many overseas brands competing to enter the domestic market floor. At present, China strengthening, solid wood, wood composite three kinds of flooring products, parquet flooring market continues to grow, it has become the fastest growing market floor plate. According to the China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee statistics, in 2003 parquet achieve market sales of 22 million square meters in 2004 reached 30 million square meters. It is predicted that the next five years the annual growth rate of production and sales floor will be 15-25%. Among them, the parquet will be increasing growth rate of 30% -50%. anti slip floor covering saudi arabia,dammam But laminate flooring has a lot more well-known brands have different situations, most solid wood flooring market companies are generally less investment, weak in strength, relying on low-cost competition partial living regional brand of a city or region, the biggest brand the annual output of 700,000 square meters, with sales of only 90 million yuan, the industry overall long-term low level of competition; and the rapid growth of the market calls for a number of strong brands to create a high standard of quality system, improve our country in the international arena floor overall competitiveness. Recently settled in Beijing Building Materials Trade Group Building, Singapore official said Robin, Robin floor plan three years invested 100 million yuan of funds, the construction of the terminal 500 channels in China, the effort to build the first national brand of solid wood flooring. According to Mr. plastic outdoor floor moulding Yu Chun, director of sales floor presentation Robin, Robin floor located in the high-end market, the Beijing market three series of different styles of solid wood flooring, are produced by Robin Wood Shanghai factory. The plant produced floor are global availability, 40% in domestic sales, 60% of North American export market. Faced with a lack of strong national brands, many home flooring brands competing to enter the domestic situation, the industry analysis, one will drive the increase in the overall level of the industry, led to strengthening of the floor, this solid flooring, wood flooring in all areas of brand integration; traditional privacy wood fence on the other hand will be more fierce competition, a group of weak strength, poor quality of regional parquet brand will be phased out in the fierce competition. In addition, Chinese flooring products, although exports continued to grow, but because of the low prices in the international market position in the role, often subjected to anti-dumping complaints Europe and the United States, to establish an international brand, improve the overall competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the international market, as the current floor industry pressing problem.
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