Wood floor maintenance details

Wood floor maintenance details

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1, to maintain stable indoor humidity

Although dried wood processing, reducing the size of the changes, but because wood is a natural material, so the wood will dry humidity with climate change and some deformation; in the northern region, especially if the dry season is open encounter Heating , can be a humidifier or put a basin of water in the heating and the like; the south to the rainy season, consumers should be more windows open for ventilation, maintain indoor dry. Meanwhile, the interior wood flooring should try to avoid contact with large amounts of water, if water spilled on the floor should be wiped clean.

2, to avoid damage to the floor surface

Wood floor finish, should avoid collision with hard objects, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on. Prevent dust, sand and other objects into the room, which can place a doormat at the door, but must be kept clean insole. Do not scratch wood surfaces or wear shoes with metal nail nails sharp objects into the room. You can use some furniture fiber fabric foot wrap, both to make it easier to move furniture, you can also make furniture does not damage the floor.

3, should be properly cleaned floor

In everyday use, keep the floor clean wood floors, cleaning, use a clean broom sweep, and then wring the mop, you can usually use a soft damp cloth graze the floor, of course, be treated like a carpet that was removed with a vacuum cleaner dust on the floor. Depending on the situation, you can wax once every few years to keep the film surface smooth and clean.

As the market range of wood flooring continued to expand, to the extent that people love wood flooring is deepening; wooden floor seems to be slowly catching up with the market, although the wooden floor has a very rich advantages, but because of its own material for aqueous rate sensitivity, so particular attention at the time of maintenance.

the article come from:contractors of composite deck floor material

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