Wood floor maintenance do a trick win all three points Maint

Wood floor maintenance do a trick win all three points Maint

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Dustproof, shockproof, waterproof phone is, we often say the three anti-function. For wood flooring, the care you need to do the following 'three anti'.
1, anti-lasting strong sunlight to prevent lasting strong sunlight floor floor, in order to avoid long-term paint under UV irradiation, premature aging and cracking. Avoid cold wind blowing straight home appliances and baking floor.

2, anti-rain soaked the floor to prevent rain soaked the floor, to prevent a balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow, please shut the faucet or water to travel time; especially not in contact with the hot, dry in time to the event.

3, anti-heavy metal heavy metal to prevent sharp sharp, glass tiles, spikes and other hard objects scratch the floor; when moving furniture should not be directly sliding on the floor, shall be lifted and move gently. Often moving furniture can be glued to a layer of rubber on the bottom. For consumers to buy wood flooring, it will see its stain resistance, water resistance and abrasion resistance, but the wood flooring is mainly in intensive care.

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