How to choose practical plate? How to buy sheets?

How to choose practical plate? How to buy sheets?

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Home decoration plate will be used, and decorative plates should be better aesthetic appearance, the material should be fine and uniform, the color clear, beautiful wood, sheet and plate with a mosaic texture should be a certain regular arrangement, similar to wood color, patchwork nearly parallel with the board edge. So how to choose the plate? How to buy the plate it?

1. To see whether the apparent surface flaws

Decorative panel surface should be smooth, no glitches and slicing knife marks, no glue penetration phenomenon board and contamination (such as local black, yellow phenomenon), try to pick the surface without cracks, cracks, no knots, bark pockets, resin bladder and gum road, and the entire board should be as small as possible natural warping, avoid sanding process due to improper operation, the substrate revealed through sand phenomenon.

2. Recognize the difference between natural wood veneer and the veneer

The former is substantially straight texture textures texture pattern rules; the latter is a natural wood patterns, texture patterns of natural variability is relatively large, no rules.

3. Visual inspection

Decorative plates should be better aesthetic appearance, the material should be fine and uniform, clear color, grainy appearance with panels and mosaic pattern should arranged according to certain rules, similar to wood color, almost parallel with the board edge patchwork.

4. Layer structural stability, no open plastic phenomenon

It should be noted between the surface veneer and the substrate, the substrate can not appear inside the bulge between the layers, layered phenomenon.

5. To select low formaldehyde emission wood

Do not choose a pungent odor of decorative panels. Because the greater the odor, indicating formaldehyde emission is higher, the more severe pollution, the greater the harm.

6. Knife to pry the bonding strength test method

This method is the most intuitive way to test the bonding strength. Layer pry along with a sharp flat blade, if layer destruction, and timber is not damaged, indicating poor bonding strength.

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