solid wood flooring business

solid wood flooring business

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" The more small brands, the more daring "First Class", "superior product." China Forest Industry Association best material for upper deck Flooring Committee and Interior
Decoration Association, China Wood Products Group of Experts to reach a consensus, superior product on the market, first-class goods almost nothing. Group of Experts witnessed niche brand solid wood flooring is generally marked and not qualified for Excellence. The main reason is: a high-class product technical requirements, only the index reached 23, it must also be a fine wood, but in the actual production process, the quality of paint, wood processing accuracy, slotting technology, twill, Poles, embryo plate flaws and other aspects of strict requirements, so far not been found can be mass produced excellent-grade solid wood making out of permanent deck plank flooring business. Experts suggest: with legal rights Gao pointed out that although every year, "3.15", but is still a long road rights. Consumers who buy solid wood floor in the two above-mentioned symptoms, then consumers should be able to "Consumer Protection Law" Article 49: fake a lose two.
In other words, if consumers bought 30,000 yuan worth of fake wood flooring species, then the consumer can claim for 60,000 yuan to the merchant through legal channels. If your business name on the wood buy outdoor composite panels floor Note the word "superior product" may make a complaint to the China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee. Once identified, we will work with SAIC to impose a number of manufacturers producing 1-5 times the fine.
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Re: solid wood flooring business

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